CAAM Asset Management is a private bespoke asset management firm located and managing assets on the West Coast Of Ireland. Our goal is to maintain the assets under our control in the best possible condition while ensuring occupants get excellent value in return for their rent. To achieve this we focus on doing the simple things right and in a timely fashion. We have identified them as follows:

Problem solving

Problems are inevitable; what’s never certain is the nature of what the next one will be. That’s why having access to experts with the requisite skills to solve them is important, we provide the following services: – facility management, tenant liaison, access to building, engineering and maintenance specialists.

Delivering on commitments

We’re confident of delivering on our commitments to both our clients and tenants because we are rigorous in following regulations, protocols and legislation. This means leaving nothing to chance and maintaining the highest levels of integrity in our business at all times.

Anticipating changing trends

As occupants expectations evolve, the properties they work and live in must evolve also. With this in mind we understand and identify where investment and change maybe needed.

CAAM continuously strives to achieve the strongest growth for our clients whilst ensuring there assets are protected and maintained to the highest level balanced with offering value for their occupants.